Cupcakes big adventure

Cupcake is a nubian/nigerian dwarf doe. She weighs about 60#’s or maybe a little more.

I was being nice and decided to give the goats a bit of a “treat” of alfalfa hay. I’ve been working out in the field and picked up a cat/small dog crate I had used to transport a small animal.

I thought, this crate would make a GREAT place to set the hay! Up off the ground, mouth height.

Cupcake had different ideas.

She crammed her ENTIRE body into this tiny crate. I have no idea how that could even happen. Have you ever seen those photos of kittens in wine glasses? It was kinda like that. Every square inch of this kennel was stuffed full of Cupcake.

She freaked out, of course. I am glad I was home, I ran out and gently removed her back feet first, and then helped her squeeze back out. I am unsure how she even got in there, my heat would not comfortably fit through the door!

Suffice it to say, the crate went in a goat free zone. Geeze.

Here’s the offending crate:

And here is Cupcake after her ordeal, a little hay on her back but none the worse for wear:

Silly goats!


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